Globe Pest Control Management

Wildlife Removal Service 

If you find yourself with an unexpected guest such as a raccoon, squirrel, possum or other rodent who makes their home in or near your home and may begin to cause damage, it's time to call Globe Pest to safely remove these uninvited guests.

This negative impact on your business is even greater if you are in the food industry - pest birds do pose a health risk due to the number of diseases and bacteria that are present in their droppings and nests.

A Globe Pest Professional can help design a customized bird control program for you. Whether for your home or place of business Rose Pest solutions can help.

Globe Pest Wildlife Trapping Service includes:
·Inspecting your home and surrounding area
·Identifying the specific rodents and their population
·Removing any rodents from the area
·Identifying sanitation issues that may provide rodents with food, water and shelter.
·Recommending and implementing control measurers specific to the rodents and their nesting sites to prevent continued infestation.

Other problems caused by wildlife
Rodents and other wildlife consume or contaminate approximately 1/5th of the world's food supply.
Many animals can distribute fleas, ticks and other organisms where they may act as a host, which potentially spread diseases, into homes and places of business. There is potential to spread diseases, including salmonella (food poisoning), plague, LCM and others.
Rodents and other animals cause physical destruction of property including what has been estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars in fire damage each year caused by chewed electrical wiring.

Call a Globe Pest Control specialist today to address your wildlife concerns.

Bird Control 

A bird infestation problem on your building can pose a number of serious problems, both to the building itself, to your business and the health of your customers. Bird droppings and nesting debris can seriously damage a buildings aesthetic appearance. This can present a negative image of your business to your customers as they contain biting insects and parasites as well as a very unpleasant smell. 

Bird Control Service