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Exterior Preventative Service
Most of the pests that invade your home are those that come from outside of home.  Many of our customers enjoy our exterior program because it does not require the home owner to be present at the time of the service.  A Globe Pest professional would come to your home a minimum of 4 times per year and would make a thorough inspection of the outside of your home and provide a written report of their findings and recommendations to eliminate conducive conditions that create an attractive environment for pests.  Globe Pest would place a barrier around the structure of your home protecting it from invading pests.

This service can also be tailored to include rodents and can increase the number of times a professional is needed at your home.

Barrier treatment is appropriate for those wanting only a single application service that discourages outside invaders from entering a home.  We provide a barrier 6-8 feet around the foundation of the property. In addition, a highly trained Globe Pest technician will leave a detailed report with recommendations for additional ways that can insure the success of the exterior barrier treatment.