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Carpenter Ants Service
Carpenter ants are often the most challenging pests for property owners in South Florida. Unlike termites, they do not ingest wood and quickly compromise the structure.  However, they are attracted to damp moist areas common to our local environment and can be found in window areas, near leaks in roofs, or even under a kitchen dishwasher.  They tunnel out wood leaving signs of their presence with small piles of fine sawdust or fras.  Major nests are usually found outside the structure and can have thousands of ants in one nest. Satellite nests are found in and around a home or building and once disturbed can be easily moved.

Property owners become alarmed when they see carpenter ants often dark in color and to of an inch long fearing a major problem.  A trained Globe Pest technician knows where and how to locate and eradicate nests which will eliminate the problem.  It is important to note that moisture, wooded areas, and general climate conditions found the in the mid-west and northeast are ideal for carpenter ants.  Eliminating a current problem does not mean carpenter ants will not reoccur at a later date.

A Residential Treatment Plan with Globe Pest is a perfect way to have peace of mind knowing that if carpenter ants should find their way into your home, regularly scheduled visits will insure that any problem will be addressed and eliminated.  Globe Pest is dedicated to providing prompt thorough service.