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Bees and Wasps Service
Bees and wasps are a nuisance and a health threat to many individuals.  These pests are notorious for building nests on and within structures that provide ideal nesting areas.  They can be inside walls, under siding, and can enter through openings or cracks that appear in the exterior of your home.  Bees may also find a home in the ground outside in your garden or in your lawn, and may be easily disturbed by your regular activity in the area

You should be on the lookout for increased bee and wasp sightings in areas around your home.  While this does not guarantee that there is a nest in your home it does raise the likelihood of a near by bees nest.  If you or anyone in your family is allergic to bee stings take increased steps to avoid the area until a Globe Pest management specialist is able to take care of the problem.

Globe Pest Technicians have the necessary tools, equipment and training to safely eliminate the Bees and Wasps that prevent you from enjoying your home and yard.

In some instances we may recommend treating the roof, fascias and soffits using our power sprayers to prevent nesting.  This will manage infestations of those annoying invaders during their early stages of development.